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Unlock the full spectrum of your potential with our signature program, a 12-chapter journey that adapts to your learning style. This isn’t just a course; it’s a transformative experience, guiding you through the complexities of thoughts, emotions, and actions. Dive into the science of your mind and body, learn a language that elevates every aspect of your life, and discover tools to navigate challenges with resilience and ease. Break free from old stories, and dive into your passions with tools that prepare the mind and body in the morning and prepare the mind at night.

Our program isn’t a one-time learning curve; it’s an ongoing awakening, offering continuous growth with each revisit. Whether you choose the live experience, online community, facilitator-led path, or self-study, the transformative power remains the same. Empower yourself to take the reins of your life, build resilience, and design a future you’ll be eager to live today. Your journey to a leveled-up life begins here. Ready to embrace the transformation?”

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Level Up Teen Bootcamp

In Person

  • Dive into empowerment with our dynamic 14-week in person program, mastering the skills to control thoughts, emotions, and actions, becoming the conscious creator of your life.
  • Join our immersive 2-hour weekly teen boot camp in scenic Bountiful UT where experiential learning meets hands on fun.
  • Armed with our vibrant curriculum and support journal. You’ll navigate life’s challenges through breakouts, journaling, brainstorming, crafts and more.
  • Join a vibrant community of teens, and let’s level up together!
  • Taught 3 times a year. Select your boot camp date: June 12th. 2024, September 18th, 2024. JUNE 12TH SESSION IS FILLED. SIGN UP NOW FOR THE SEPT. BOOTCAMP! 
  • Taught on Wednesdays 4:00 to 6:00 PM MST. Summer session may have an altered time.

Or 4 payments of $170

Level Up Adult and Young Adults Online

  • Engage in our dynamic online community through Level Up’s 14-week program, featuring a comprehensive manual, companion journal, support videos and weekly face to face group learning zoom session.
  • Gain a yearlong access pass to learn creative life skills, the art of self-nurturing, and the transformative journey of awakening your passions.
  • Join live face to face sessions or access recorded sessions for additional support and flexibility
  • Dive into a vibrant online community where young adults, parents, and teachers collaborate, learn, and grow together throughout the year, seizing control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  • Your online community access and training are guaranteed for a full year, ensuring an uninterrupted path of growth and transformation.
  • Join anytime, classes are Tuesdays from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Taught in 14-week cycles. Access class recordings in the membership library 

$579 or 4 payments of $152

Level Up Teen Online

  • Engage with an amazing group of new peers.
  • Uncover the science of body and mind for self-mastery
  • Learn a language that elevates every aspect of your life.
  • Navigate bullying, comparisons, and boost self-esteem.
  • Explore time management and recognize numbing habits.
  • Conquer fears, unveil solutions, and make confident decisions.
  • Discover your passion and purpose through new habits and life-transforming skills.
  • Guided by your manual, journal, support videos and your online community, you’ll love the growth that your full year membership provides with chapter by chapter weekly zoom calls.
  • Join anytime, classes are Thursday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Taught in 14 week cycles.  Access the membership library for class recordings. 

or 4 payments of $152

Level Up Self Study/Home Course

  • Embark on a self-guided journey with our level of self-study home course with manual, journal, and support videos that mark your progress.
  • Document your transformational adventure with a personal journal, your go to for tips, helps and a powerful morning and evening routine.
  • Immerse yourself in the vivid stories and brain hacks that bring the science of the mind and body to life, making yourself study experience both impactful and exciting.
  • Choose to study independently or create a transformative bonding experience by involving your family and friends in the journey.
  • Level up your life with the engaging tools, stories, and connections, making yourself study experience both impactful and enjoyable.

$349 or 4 payments of $125

Level Up Facilitator Training Package

  • Elevate your community with the experiential magic of LEVEL UP Empowerment.
  • Dive deep into transformation with the complete home study course, featuring a curriculum manual, companion journal, chapter support videos, and experiential lesson plans.
  • Enjoy 28 printable 1.5-hour lesson plans brimming with activities, crafts, discussions, and pure FUN!
  • Join our exclusive LEVEL UP Facilitator Community on Facebook, where additional abridged lesson plans focus on key teachings in 14 enjoyable 2-hour sessions.
  • Building your own LEVEL UP community, school program, or afterschool group? Unlock special discounts on additional manuals and journals when purchasing 5 or more.

$549 or 4 payments of $145

The Ultimate Facilitator Training Package

  • Learn and Lead – Maximize your training impact by combining all tools from the facilitator training package and joining our dynamic online community alongside young adults, parents, and teachers.
  • Your yearlong membership into the online community allows you to see how the lessons are taught and experience your own transformation.
  • Engage in your skill-sharing, idea exchange, and participate in Q&A on the exclusive Facilitator Face Book group.
  • Translate your online insights into live, transformative lesson plans for your family, youth group or adult group.
  • Discounts for support materials.
  • Your online community access and training is for a year. Join anytime.

$649 $549 or 4 payments of $145

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Family Empowerment Products

  • The Power of Thoughts & Words - Booklet

    The Power of Thoughts & Words – Booklet

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  • Rephraseology© - Game

    Rephraseology© – Game

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  • Sale! Rephraseology© & Booklet Bundle - Level Up Teens

    Rephraseology© & Booklet Bundle

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Teacher Resources

Enlarged Poster aids for teaching the LEVEL UP Course Curriculum

Bring the visual learning to your teaching workspace. These are digital downloads that allow you to pick your size in JPG &PDF formats. Images are sized at 16x 20 and 20 x 30. They are delivered in a ZIP archive that can easily be extracted to get the actual images. Refer to your curriculum manual and lesson plans for the complete explanation and usage of these visual aids.

  • Comfort Zone - Digital Download Poster

    Comfort Zone

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  • Iceberg Conscious and Unconscious - Digital Download Poster

    Iceberg Conscious and Unconscious

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  • Language Cycling - Digital Download Poster

    Language Cycling

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  • Life Perspective Wheel - Digital Download Poster

    Life Perspective Wheel

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  • Things In My Control - Digital Download Poster

    Things In My Control

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  • Thoughts – Anatomy of Destiny - Digital Poster

    Thoughts – Anatomy of Destiny

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  • Vibrational Charts of Choice - Digital Poster

    Vibrational Chart of Choice

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  • Sale! ALL Charts/Graphs - BUNDLE

    ALL Charts & Graphs Bundle

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