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LEVEL-UP Self-Study - Home School Course

Option 1: LEVEL-UP Self Study/Home School Course

Guide yourself, your family or your group aided with a graphic fun curriculum manual, companion journal and support videos.

LEVEL UP takes you on a journey of empowerment as you peel back the influencers of today and see how the past has shaped how you react to life. Created in 12 chapters, LEVEL UP is a course curriculum created for private home study, after school groups, home schooling communities and much more. Created for the TEEN and the TEEN is all of us, LEVEL UP is a JOURNEY OF YOU. Filled with Applicable tools, brain storming ideas, Brain teasers and science factoids, LEVEL UP’s engaging curriculum is creatively presented around the theme of modern-day electronics and the programs that run them. LEVEL UP helps you discover your own programs that determine how you react to life. Engaging with stories and examples, the course manual is complimented by the companion journal to record your adventures as you LEVEL UP your life and create your own reference book of tips and tools for empowerment.


Option 2: LEVEL-UP Facilitator Training Package, your
complete experiential training journey

Guide your family or your group with the Facilitator upgrade complete with lesson plans, activities, a jumpstart training certification and connection to the leaders and parents who are upleveling along with their teens

Building upon all the science-based transformation your get in the self-study course, the facilitator package is for the family, the home schooler, the youth group and even the adult groups that want to take experiential learning to the next level. Not only do you receive the engaging curriculum and tracking journal along with the instructional chapter per chapter videos, but you receive 14 weeks of lesson plans that you can cherry pick through to create the “experience” of learning for your family or group. These done for your lesson plans include the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic activities that bring fun into learning.

With the Facilitator package you receive a 2 evening and 1 Saturday of zoom training to experience the flavor, skills and tools that are so unique to this transformational journey. You go on your own mini journey before embarking into leading your “tribe” on an experience of a lifetime. When we teach with a flavor that is unique and unforgettable, we create tools that will be remembered.

Utilizing the companion journal, each student is creating their own personalized journey and a reference guide for the future. Journals and manuals are discounted on quantities larger than 5. It is recommended that a manual be available for every 2 students and that each student have their own journal.

You also join the exclusive facilitator Face Book group to share ideas and ask questions along with trainings that add depth and spark to your classes.

LEVEL UP teaches life lessons that are crucial to maneuver through the challenges of today and empower us all to have the skills to LEVEL UP and Create the life we desire.


LEVEL-UP Facilitator Training Package

Upcoming Live Training Dates:

August 10-12, 2023
September 14-16, 2023
October 12-14, 2023
November 9-11, 2023

Family Empowerment Products

  • The Power of Thoughts & Words - Booklet

    The Power of Thoughts & Words – Booklet

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  • Rephraseology© - Game

    Rephraseology© – Game

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    Rephraseology© & Booklet Bundle

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Teacher Resources

Enlarged Poster aids for teaching the LEVEL UP Course Curriculum

Bring the visual learning to your teaching workspace. These are digital downloads that allow you to pick your size in JPG &PDF formats. Images are sized at 16x 20 and 20 x 30. They are delivered in a ZIP archive that can easily be extracted to get the actual images. Refer to your curriculum manual and lesson plans for the complete explanation and usage of these visual aids.

  • Comfort Zone - Digital Download Poster

    Comfort Zone

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  • Iceberg Conscious and Unconscious - Digital Download Poster

    Iceberg Conscious and Unconscious

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  • Language Cycling - Digital Download Poster

    Language Cycling

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  • Life Perspective Wheel - Digital Download Poster

    Life Perspective Wheel

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  • Things In My Control - Digital Download Poster

    Things In My Control

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  • Thoughts – Anatomy of Destiny - Digital Poster

    Thoughts – Anatomy of Destiny

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  • Vibrational Charts of Choice - Digital Poster

    Vibrational Chart of Choice

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  • Sale! ALL Charts/Graphs - BUNDLE

    ALL Charts & Graphs Bundle

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