Rephraseology© & Booklet Bundle

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Pair these power hitters to harness the Power of Thoughts and your Languaging skills!

SAVE $10 when you pair these favorites together! It’s the game that hones 4 communication skills and the engaging and informative booklet that teaches skills and tools to master your thoughts. A fun must have for every family that wants to step into speaking the language of a conscious creator


Arm your family with fun, facts, tools, and ah has as you pair the Rephraseology game with the graphic and fun, The Power of Thoughts & Words booklet. Mastering our thoughts and words is made simple in this engaging read and when paired with the game, a skill that your family or class will not only grasp but succeed at. The saying goes,” Once you see something you can’t unsee it.” Once you learn the power behind harnessing your thoughts, controlling your emotions, and learning to say your feelings in new and productive ways, life changes as you move into the tools of empowerment and “see” the world in new and exciting ways.