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Life can steer you in any direction.  Let LEVEL UP give you the skills to sidestep the landmines, roadblocks, and dangers ready to derail your destiny.

Engaging empowerment curriculum - Level Up Teens

As parents, we would do anything to prepare our teens to launch into the world.

We’d put armor around them if we could! What if we could equip them with everything they need to not only navigate this life but conquer the battles that they face every day?

As teens as adults we battle with:

Consumed with electronics and other addictions

Gripped by anxiety, depression, and stress

Unsure how they’ll make it in this world

Feeling alone and wanting acceptance

Stressed with all their commitments

Feeling unworthy by comparison

Experiencing Fear of failure

Lack of motivation

Lacking focus

Introducing the most engaging empowerment curriculum created for the teen and the teen in all of us.

Homeschooling Programs - Level Up Teens

Empower your TEEN. Empower your FAMILY. Empower your SCHOOL. Empower YOURSELF!

Science meets it's life skills

LEVEL UP guides and enlightens using the science behind your brain and body. A Journey of Transformation
Through the science of YOU. Meeting the brain where it’s at, and awakening your superpower – YOUR IMAGINATION!

3D Book - Graphic fun learning, skills, and activities

A content rich, 365 page Manual of graphic fun learning, skills, and activities.

Self-study or home school course

14 weeks of curriculum including journals, videos, and other tools to use for family or school setting.

iPhone App - Teens Life changing tips

Like adding a new app to your phone, each chapter teaches new skills and life changing tips.

LEVEL UP Takes You on a Journey of Empowerment

Journey of Empowerment - Level Up Teens
Level Up Teens Chapter 1-5 - Awaken to Ownership
Awaken to Ownership and the control you really have over your life.
Level Up Teens Chapter 6-9 - Ignite Empowerment Tools
Ignite Empowerment Tools to enhance self-worth, mindset, physical health and overcoming fear.
Level Up Teens Chapter 10-12 - Inspire Creatorship
Step into Creatorship of your life path creating a working blueprint with traction.

The curriculum is creatively presented around the theme of modern-day electronics and the programs that run them.

Engaging with stories and examples, the course manual and companion journal serve as a powerful documentation of your personal journey. Online videos reinforce the principle and teach to an additional learning sense.

Look inside for an example of the curriculum ⬇

Some of the skills and life changing tips you'll learn

Dive into the neural system and the hacks that meet the brain and subconscious where they are at
Skills to harness thoughts, emotions, and actions. Learn a new brain language
Feel and decipher emotions and over 50 ways to shift mood, stress, anxiety, and heavy emotions. Learn the 5 power hitters
Step into the world of relationships addressing self-worth, bullying and your role in an investment tool
Discover your power disabler and why we have them
Learn to shine a light on your fears and six creative problem-solving skills

Eight methods for releasing the influence of the past and how to pull the plug on those negative emotions.

Get plugged into the right power source. Five areas that make the greatest difference in pure energy and health and a leg up on the mental and emotional
Put a magnifying glass on goals aided by customized maps and life tools
Life hacks are practiced and placed within accountability tools to create patterns of possibility that start bringing the future and the present together
And this is only a portion of this incredible journey that transforms.

Replete with elements of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, this FUN physical and digital program brings experiential to life when you select the Teacher/ Facilitator/Parent Package.

Take the level up journey - Level Up Teens

6 Ways You Can Take The LEVEL UP Journey


Self-Study or Home School Course

Self-study or home school course - Level Up Teens

Journey on your own or purchase additional journals to gather your family or group together with videos that reinforce the principles.

  • Full Color Fun graphic curriculum manual
  • Companion Journal for writing prompts to record your individual journey
  • Online instruction videos that lead you through each chapter and tracks your progress
  • Purchase additional companion journals for family members sharing the manual


Facilitator Training Package

Your Complete Experiential Training Journey

Facilitator training package - Level Up Teens

Our Mentor Package dials up the learning with done for you lesson plans and training for you as the facilitator.

  • Enjoy all that the self-study offers plus lesson plans and activities that touch on the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic needs for high sensory learning
  • Be a part of the Mentor Facilitator private face book group and enjoy monthly training

Come journey together! Choose Your Path to Transformation! Immerse yourself in our vibrant community.

Take the journey one of Six Exciting Ways!

Level Up Live Experiential:
Immerse Yourself in a 14-Week Teen Adventure

Don’t miss the ultimate teen experience – our LIVE EXPERIENTIAL! For those in Utah, this once a week 2-hour experience immerses you into the world of empowerment in a retreat setting. This sensory journey combines auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning through games, crafts, discussions, and real-time interaction. Held three times a year, check the calendar for start dates – your transformative adventure awaits!

Level Up Online Courses:
14-Week Transformative Journeys for Adults and Parent

Engage in our dynamic online community with Level Up’s 14-week program with the manual and companion journal and weekly face to face group zoom. Gain access for a year, learn creative life skills, the art of self-nurturing, healing and awakening your passions. Join live face to face or access recordings of the live sessions for additional support.

Level Up Online Courses:
14-Week Transformative Journeys for Teens

Join teens online from all over the world to learn the skills and tools of empowerment that resonates with the creative nuances of your brain. Dive into a program that is as dynamic and vibrant as the minds it nurtures. Take the Level Up journey that awakens ownership, ignites empowerment, and Inspires creatorship over your own life. Journey is once a week on-line for 14 weeks and repeats 3 times in the year. Your annual access allows you to engage with peers for a year and beyond…

Level Up Self-Study Course:
Empowering Individuals for Resilient Living

Unleash your potential with our Level Up Self-Study Course aided by our engaging full-color manual, journal, and support videos – your personal toolkit for growth. Dive into creative learning, resilience training, and holistic well-being. Equip yourself with life mastery techniques for a transformative and empowering experience.

Facilitator Training by Level Up:
Guide Others on the Journey to Empowerment

Become a beacon of change within your family and groups with our Facilitator Package. Access engaging lesson plans, experiential learning, and creative tools. Empower yourself and others to lead a life of purpose and resilience. Order more journals and manuals to create your own LEVEL UP community.

The Ultimate Facilitator Training:
Learn and Lead

Enjoy participating online with your own journey and turn around and teach it to your family or group. Access engaging lesson plans, experiential learning, and creative tools. Empower yourself and others to lead a life of purpose and resilience. Order more journals and manuals to create your own Level Up community.
Teen Empowerment - Teach Teens

Coming January 2024 be a part of the LEVEL UP community and join weekly on-line classes for teens and adult.

If you are in the Salt Lake city area ages 11-19. Join in on a live group experience held weekly to jumpstart transformation and growth. Who says live skill building is boring!

Learning, discussion, activities, participating, connecting, crafts, growing and creating your new life.

Details coming soon!

Upcoming Training Dates


*All trainings are a Thursday and Friday evening from 6-9 pm and Saturday 9-4 pm

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Make The Most of Your Mentor Package

  • Create a Level Up Group in your area
  • Lead an After School Level Up Program
  • Incorporate Level Up into your Homeschooling Curriculum
  • Coach with Confidence using your Level Up Program

PLUS! Check out the training tools & aids in the shop

What Parents Are Saying:

Parent Testimonial 1 - Level Up Teens
Parent Testimonial 2 - Level Up Teens
Parent Testimonial 3 - Level Up Teens

This is really a course about learning how to choose, and that it’s possible to make good choices that really can affect who we are and what we are. This course helps teens get a handle on what it takes to really be successful in life.

They are so excited to continue to learn. To learn more about the brain; about the body, and how it interacts; our heart and our mind; how powerful gratitude is. A whole series of things that I think will be a benefit for them in their life.

Grandparent of 3
LEVEL UP students

I have 3 children of different ages that participated in the level up course. Each of these children have really amazing things happening in their lives as they are implementing the tools from this course. I believe that this can be really effective for helping kids understand the fears they are dealing with and understand how to problem solve using their new skill set. Empowerment looks great on my kids!

Mother of 2
LEVEL UP students

My daughter has been struggling for weeks at school, due to a lack of good friends, and I’ve been very concerned about her because I have been watching her fade. WELL, HER INTERNAL LIGHT IS BACK ON. (insert tears of joy and gratitude) She “got” things I’ve been trying to teach them for a long time, they made new friends, they felt empowered, they felt loved, and they had an amazing time.

Parent of 2
LEVEL UP students

KnowBrainerz is the most amazing self-development educational program available for our youth. This curriculum unlocked my kids full potential and equipped them with real life skills like positive thinking, nutrition, social development, emotional health, creativity, and more. I’m grateful my kids had the opportunity to gain these skills. I know will help them for the rest of their lives.

parent of 3
LEVEL UP students

I had two kids attend the teeN LEVEL UP course and was blown away with the changes I saw in my kids. Both are so much more confident and do much better looking for the good in situations. Best of all they look forward to going every week and we’re excited each time to attend.

Parent of 2 LEVEL UP students

I love the tools that my son was introduced to, and is now able to implement in his life. Not only do I love what he learned, I’m also so pleased that he actually looked forward to the connecting and learning at each weekly class! I highly recommend the LEVEL UP curriculum and the teen course.

Parent of LEVEL UP student

Parent Testimonial 4 - Level Up Teens
Parent Testimonial 5 - Level Up Teens
Parent Testimonial 6 - Level Up Teens

What Teens Are Saying:

Students Testimonial 2 - Level Up Teens
Students Testimonial 1 - Level Up Teens
Students Testimonial 2 - Level Up Teens
Students Testimonial 3 - Level Up Teens
Students Testimonial 4 - Level Up Teens


Open your mind, body, heart and soul to the life you have always dreamed of. Starting today.
Ready for your transformation?


LEVEL UP is written for the teen in ages 12 – 20, but this curriculum translates to adults and even a younger audience as the facilitators teach to the level of their group. We have leaders teaching as young as age 8 and we have groups of mothers only that are learning these skills to then support their youth who are in an all-teen group.

Scientific studies have shown that the act of pen to paper and reading from a physical book vs a screen, engages the brain in a different way increasing focus on the current subject. As the journal is filled in, it stands as a reinforcement to the skill building, reference for tips and helps and a powerful tool at the end for life blueprint. While this could be accomplished online, this personalized journey is documented in their handwriting and a tangible ready reference.

The course methodology allows the brain to learn faster and retain information longer. Videos add another layer of learning as well as provide an online tracking for completion.

Orders are processed the next business day after the order come in. Shipping times for media mail range from 3 days to 10 days depending on the distance. International shipping is available at an additional charge.

Each student whether teen or adult should have their own companion journal. You can handle manuals in three ways.

  • Each student has their own manual that they keep, and their family also benefits.
  • It stays in the classroom and is shared with other classes.
  • Purchase 1 for every two students to share so that they can team share.

Students need to see a manual to be able to fill in their journals.

There is a semester worth of rich content but ways to condense to your time frame.

14 weeks of 3 hours of content is planned into the Facilitator lesson plans BUT YOU CHOOSE HOW MUCH YOU WILL USE. The 3 hours are divided into 1 ½ hour teaching lessons with a break at the 45-minute mark.

THIS INCLUDES: Activities, crafts, discussions, reviews, journaling, reading, videos participation etc. If you only have 2 hours a week, you can cherry pick the activities surrounding the principles to adapt to your time frame. A suggestion is to allow at least 12 sessions or weeks to accomplish creating all the personalized tools.

LEVEL UP offers a FREE zoom experience with some of their curriculum for groups that want a taste of what they would learn. Gather at least 8 or more of your adults and decision makers and we’d love to help you come away with one of the LEVEL UP tools that you can begin teaching your family or friends. This is a great way for instructors and parents to see, hear and feel the flavor and excitement of LEVEL UP. Learning should be fun and memorable!

Yes, we want to work with your co-op, school, organization, or family. The more that is purchased the greater the discount. Already built in is a discount when you add 6 or more of either a manual or journal in the shop check out. Contact us a info@knowbrainerz.com for questions about your individual group needs.

Some of our private clients have receive permission to submit their curriculum expenses for reimbursement. Since there are varied regulations for each agency that offers educational reimbursement, you are responsible to contact your particular organization. LEVEL UP is based on the science of the brain, and body. It offers science first and holistic options second.