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Level Up Course

Everything you need is inside of you. The Level Up Course is your playbook, giving you the keys to unlock your potential. Strategize your Journey!

Level Up Course - Level Up Teens
Brain Hacks & Up Levels for Teens

Brain Hacks
& Up Levels

Teens are sharing their shortcuts, tips and strategies! Click here to hear from your peers and leave your own Brain Hack Share

Take The Brain Quiz

Are you left or right brained?
How would you know?
Take this quick quiz and find lots of fun facts and tips for your brain’s health

Teens Brain Quiz - Level Up Teens
Teacher & Facilitator - Teens Lesson Plans

Teacher & Facilitator
Lesson Plans

Make each chapter a sensory journey Customize LEVEL UP for your group, classroom or individual study.

Purchase The Journey!

The 365 page colorful and entertaining workbook, with its complimentary online video support and personalized printable PDF’s, combine for a deep dive into the course’s tools and principles.

Level up Teens - Colorful and Entertaining Workbook
Teens Level Up Journey - Homeschool Teaching Curriculum