Listen to the insights,failures and inspiration behind the creation of Know Brainerz and the LEVEL UP curriculum


Know Brainerz is an educational organization focusing on behavioral and neurological
psychology through workshops, training programs and retreats for adults and teens.

Rozanne Marsh - LEVEL UP curriculum

ROZANNE MARSH is the founder and creator of Know Brainerz and is known for her experiential Events, guest lectures and classes. Her recent love and focus are the interactive Teen retreats held in the lush Rocky Mountains. The mother or two dynamic teenagers, Rozanne’s home is usually filled to the brim with teens of “every age”.

After 20 years of supervising management teams and writing training curriculum, Rozanne spent 4 years teaching her “personal power series” to marketing students at her local University. She realized that students needed to be sold on themselves to take their marketing skills to the next level.

Rozanne is a self-proclaimed “brain fanatic” and has a passion for studying neural behavior. She is the creator of Know Brainerz brand-new course curriculum LEVEL UP, created for the individual, or for group elective study.


About Level Up Teen Empowerment Programs

Level up Teens - Colorful and Entertaining Workbook

Filled with brain hacks, brain teasers, brain storming ideas and science factoids, LEVEL up’s engaging curriculum is creatively presented around the theme of modern-day technology and the programs that run us. Replete with stories and examples, the course manual serves as a workbook and personal journey.

Supported with online instructional videos, self-study or group study has never been so transformational or fun.

Written for the teen population, LEVEL UP is also a definite must read for those that raise, teach and lead them.