Teens & Adults! Empower Your Journey:

Level Up for Transformation, Resilience, & Self-Discovery.

Unlock Your Full Potential: From teens finding their way through adolescence to adults seeking transformative growth, Level Up is here guide you.

Our vibrant experiential curriculum isn’t limited to classrooms – it’s for families, homeschooling communities, charter schools, and anyone hungry for personal growth. Join the movement and redefine how you navigate life.

Ever felt lost in the chaos of daily life? Our program is designed to help teens find purpose and adults rekindle their passions. In a world filled with distractions and pressures, Level Up provides a sanctuary for creativity, helping both teens and adults navigate through the noise and rediscover what truly matters.

I’m Rozanne Marsh, the visionary behind KNOW BRAINERZ & LEVEL UP TEEN. Through my journey, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of understanding the intricate workings of our body and mind.

  • At Level Up, we guide you into a realm of empowerment, where you gain control over your words, thoughts, emotions, and state.
  • We equip you with the tools to conquer fear, overcome setbacks, and foster deeper, more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others.
  • Together, we delve into your subconscious, shedding what no longer serves you and harnessing life’s experiences as fuel for your dreams.

My passion lies in helping you craft a life plan that you can embrace and step into, starting today.”

I Invite You To:

  • See the programming that your life experiences have given you
  • Understand the lens that you look at the world through
  • Relinquish the beliefs and thoughts that are throwing off your trajectory
  • Recreate the life you hope for and imagine

This is your life, so tell me:

  • Are you ready to open your heart, mind, body, and soul in a way that you never have?
  • Are you ready to see how the science behind the mind and the body can be used in your favor?
  • Are you open and ready for mind hacks that empower and propel?
  • Are you ready? Are you in? What will it take for you to commit, because ready or not, it’s time to LEVEL UP!

Come journey together! Choose Your Path to Transformation! Immerse yourself in our vibrant community.

Take the journey one of Six Exciting Ways!

Level Up Live Experiential:
Immerse Yourself in a 14-Week Teen Adventure

Don’t miss the ultimate teen experience – our LIVE EXPERIENTIAL! For those in Utah, this once a week 2-hour experience immerses you into the world of empowerment in a retreat setting. This sensory journey combines auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning through games, crafts, discussions, and real-time interaction. Held three times a year, check the calendar for start dates – your transformative adventure awaits!

Level Up Online Courses:
14-Week Transformative Journeys for Adults and Parent

Engage in our dynamic online community with Level Up’s 14-week program with the manual and companion journal and weekly face to face group zoom. Gain access for a year, learn creative life skills, the art of self-nurturing, healing and awakening your passions. Join live face to face or access recordings of the live sessions for additional support.

Level Up Online Courses:
14-Week Transformative Journeys for Teens

Join teens online from all over the world to learn the skills and tools of empowerment that resonates with the creative nuances of your brain. Dive into a program that is as dynamic and vibrant as the minds it nurtures. Take the Level Up journey that awakens ownership, ignites empowerment, and Inspires creatorship over your own life. Journey is once a week on-line for 14 weeks and repeats 3 times in the year. Your annual access allows you to engage with peers for a year and beyond…

Level Up Self-Study Course:
Empowering Individuals for Resilient Living

Unleash your potential with our Level Up Self-Study Course aided by our engaging full-color manual, journal, and support videos – your personal toolkit for growth. Dive into creative learning, resilience training, and holistic well-being. Equip yourself with life mastery techniques for a transformative and empowering experience.

Facilitator Training by Level Up:
Guide Others on the Journey to Empowerment

Become a beacon of change within your family and groups with our Facilitator Package. Access engaging lesson plans, experiential learning, and creative tools. Empower yourself and others to lead a life of purpose and resilience. Order more journals and manuals to create your own LEVEL UP community.

The Ultimate Facilitator Training:
Learn and Lead

Enjoy participating online with your own journey and turn around and teach it to your family or group. Access engaging lesson plans, experiential learning, and creative tools. Empower yourself and others to lead a life of purpose and resilience. Order more journals and manuals to create your own Level Up community.